Rubber AdhesiveAS-88

This adhesive is a compound made from the reaction of methanal donator with hypo-methyl amine matrix and long-carbon linked alkyl benzene materials. It has double function of methanal donator and acceptor, applied for conglutination of all kinds of rubber (except silicone glue) and framework materials such as ketone-plating steel wire, glass fibre, nylon, rayon, polyester and Polyamide, especially suitable for conglutination of Fl-Rubber and sailcloth, nylon etc.


This product can be used as a single group. It can reduce production cost and bring good economic as this product need small dosage and easy to use.

No pollution and color change to light-color rubber product after high temperature vulcanization.

It has good conglutination, drawing mightiness has apparent improvement before and after wearing out.

It can improve plasticity of rubber, extend burn period, and improve production program and reduce heat.


Stored in dry cool place, avoid sun-light.





Flaky solid


Dissolved in alcohol not in water

PH Value 6.5-7.5

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