Rubber adhesive A

Chemical Name:Hexamethoxymethyl melamine resin

Property:This product is a kind of transparent viscous fluid or white wax solid, and it can dissolve in water and common organic reagent. It gives off methanal upon heating, so it is a good nethanal donator. Also, this product can achieve better adhesive effect while work in with RS, RH and R.

Usage:It can be used mixing with adhesive RS, silica aerogel. It is applied in natural rubber and artificial rubber adhering with nylon, steel wine, polyester, cotton, glass, fiber etc. It is not only directly added in rubber but also as soaking liquor.

Specification :




Transparent viscous fluid or white wax solid

Combined methanal assay % Min


Density (20?#8451;) g/cm3


Free methanal assay % Max


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